As a full service general contractor, our primary service is to guide and manage the building process from the initial survey and site layout through the myriad of finishing touches. Together with the architect, we manage and facilitate the expansive network of communication amongst all parties of the project team – open, honest and proactive communication.

Pre-Construction Services

Design Consultation

We enjoy whenever possible becoming involved at an early stage of project design development so we can help identify and evaluate defining site considerations or the influencing conditions of an existing structure. Consistently throughout the design process we are able to help assess design complexities and recommend practical and cost-effective construction solutions.

Unit Cost Analysis

Once a conceptual plan is in place, we can provide a preliminary budget evaluation based on current market unit costs, the size/scope of the project, and the desired level of finish materials and specifications. This broad unit cost analysis provides a very beneficial preview of projected construction cost for comparison to the target budget. This is the opportune stage of design development to scale back if cost and budget considerations are not in synch.

During the pre-construction phase, we do our very best to provide meaningful and accurate cost and schedule assessments. We don’t believe it serves anyone well to be overly optimistic with these projections. Our objective is to be realistic…with a conservative tilt. From the beginning, we want team expectations to be practical and reasonable.

Construction Services

Cost Breakdown

Once the scope of the project and specifications are refined, an extensive line item breakdown is performed which factors written cost proposals and estimates from primary subcontractors and suppliers. This breakdown or “Control Estimate” serves as the basis for monitoring project cost throughout the construction process. With each monthly payment application, we provide a comprehensive spreadsheet that tracks and compares actual vs projected costs. As part of this spreadsheet, a monthly summary of changes identifies any deviations from the initial specified scope of work and updates the final projected cost.

Schedule Management

With a completed Control Estimate and probable start date determined, we lay out a project construction timeline itemizing the key phases of construction. Continuous schedule monitoring and maintenance during construction ensures that clients are informed well in advance of deadlines for confirming detail decisions and finish material selections, and provides a current adjusted timeframe for completion of the project.