Vaughn Paul has specialized in building and remodeling distinctive, innovative and energy efficient homes for more than 30 years. It was a newfound passion for carpentry that caused him to veer from an education in architecture to a career in building and construction.

The first home designed and built by Vaughn Paul in 1978 included both active and passive solar strategies, and was subsidized in part by an energy grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Stemming from this early devotion to energy efficient construction, VPCH has honed a much broader understanding of the more comprehensive and innovative construction techniques and disciplines necessary to optimize sustainability.

We have completed a diverse collection of more than 100 projects, varying in scope from small carriage house remodel to highly custom estate residences – a level of experience and expertise that paves the way for a very enjoyable and gratifying project experience.

Relationships are the cornerstone of our process. To be sure, we are only one component of the project team. We take great pride in facilitating reliable and timely communication amongst the entire team – client, architect, engineer, designers, subcontractors, building officials, etc.. Most of our primary subcontractors have been part of our team for many years and the reciprocal expectations are well-defined. The resulting efficiencies in production are appreciated by all and the fundamental enhanced flow and value to the project is so evident.

Our primary goal at VPCH is to deliver projects that are uniquely and artfully adapted to their site and setting – projects that portray the personal and individual vision of each client and architect.